One of our goals at the Minnesota Ambulance Association is to provide our members the resources needed to advance leadership training, so new and practicing leaders can improve team building, character, and succession planning.  As you move forward in your professional career, it should be recognized that EMS is a profession with high expectations and rewards, regardless of salary and benefits.  May you have a sense of pride in knowing what you do has great impact on the welfare and safety of our community as well as the communities we serve.

To assist you in performing our mission and achieving your highest potential, we are implementing this Leadership Course.  The MAA builds on an established 21st Century Educational Innovation Hub that has been tested with over 60,000 public safety professionals nationwide designed to enhance professionalism, while it develops the character and sharpens the skills of the guardian-servant who leads with compassion, ethical decision-making, emotional intelligence and moral courage. The institute is:

  • Proven – The curriculum has been scientifically developed and tested by EMS professionals in 2020.
  • Accessible – Learning takes place on-line 24/7 anywhere the Internet is available.
  • Continuous– Comprehensive leadership education and development are available to meet lifelong learning needs.
  • Affordable – Professional leadership skills and principles are delivered reliably and confidently at a fraction of traditional training costs.
  • Sustainable – Leadership Academies are customized to meet the needs of any local or state-wide organization.   Academy operational requirements fit local budgets and are cost-effective.
  • Effective – The leadership content of the center teaches how to build mutual trust with the community which leads to problem-solving collaboration. You will learn how to utilize your skills and knowledge to lead others to become more empowered personally and professionally.
  • Compatible – The Academy is filling the void of leadership education and development that currently exists between basic public safety training and senior staff leadership education.

You will receive a national certification upon your successful completion of each course.  Successful completion will be certified by the Minnesota Ambulance Association.

Thanks for your participation and continued commitment to your organization, our association, and the citizens we serve.

Debbie Gillquist, Executive Director
Minnesota Ambulance Association

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